Umag sunset

UMAG – The pearl of the Umago riviera
Umag and Savudrija: Where the sun sets and the beauty rises, so enjoy.

Umago, small town and port on the north-western coast of Istria, presents ‘Croatia’s gateway to Europe’ Umag was mentioned for the first time in the 7th century by an anonymous citizen from Ravenna, but it already existed in Roman times. Proof of this is found in the numerous remains of Roman villas, the so-called villa rustica uncovered all along the coast. The town’s history is closely linked to the settlement of Sipar, whose ruins can be found on a narrow cape four kilometres north of Umag. The natural features of the area have considerably influenced the development of the economy as a whole. The geographical location of Umag, in particular, has ensured an intensive and dynamic growth of the tourist industry, which has been expanding rapidly ever since. The best fertile soil and the vast arable land in the area have fostered the production of traditional Mediterranean crops present in the region for thousands of years, with particular emphasis on olive growing and wine growing.
  • Umago, the pearl of the Umago riviera
  • Mountaineering, caving and other chances for adventure
  • Istrian sports centre – host of the ATP tournament
  • Sailing, diving, water skiing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing…
At a distance of only 50 kilometres from Trieste, 150 from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and 50 NM from Venice, Umago is a favourite holiday destination with extraordinary excursion possibilities.
Umago’s hinterland offers newly dis covered tourist attractions like mountaineering, caving and other chances for adventure enthusiasts. For those who love horses and the wonderfully attractive and challenging sport of riding, the ‘’Juricanija’’ equestrian center in the tourist resort, ‘’Stella Maris’’, offers the rare experience of being able to ride out in untouched nature, along beaches on the Umago riviera. It also has the reputation of the Istrian sp orts centre, since as the host of the ATP tournament for many years now, it attracts numerous top world tennis players.